~Mission Possible = Losing Weight~

"I promise that my next post gonna be a happy one...as yesterday, my dear, is one of my happiEST days ever (^.^)
En moga - moga, mulai minggu depan (or two weeks later..) gue bisa upload foto - foto paling baru tiap kali gue ngepost...."

I'm on a diet...for as long as I can remember! Pernah sukses 1 kali, tapi karena banyak banget yang bilang gue jadi lebi jelek dari sebelumnya, akhirnya gue makan lagi en gemuk lagi.
Sialan =)

Current weight= 52 kg
Target weight = 46 kg or 47 kg

It means, gue kelebihan 5 sampe 6 kg. Dan itu banyak....BANGET!
Frankly speaking, I think it's difficult but possible.

I've done it before. I can do it again.

So, target gue untuk akhir bulan Mei ini = lose 5 kg.

This is how I gonna do it, and this time I'll stick to my plan.. *I swear upon your life...mwahaha*

Exercise =
- Treadmill for 30 minutes, 5 times a week [compulsory]
- 45 to 60 sit-ups, 5 times a week [compulsory]
- 200 times on a machine which I don't know how to explain, 5 times a week
- swimming, one or twice a week [not compulsory] *I'm not a fan of swimming anymore*
- running up and down the stairs at my house EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for 10 times, it's only two-story so should be ok [compulsory]

Food =
- 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, if I manage to get up in the morning
- home-cooked mixed vegetables for lunch (or brunch) AND dinner
- atau 2 ayam bakar wiyung for dinner.
- fish and fruits are ok.
Weekend-only = Sushi or steak, or even a bar of cadbury and van houten chocolate, and ice cream =) [AND 2 diet pills which make your stomach pain like hell]

Drink =
- mineral water
- es teh tawar
- more mineral water
Weekend-only = Quickly Green Apple Milk Tea, without ice, without pearls but green apple and grape pulps (^-^) [my current favourite], and of course Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks.

Besides, I'm making a food journal.
I need a strong determination. OMG!

~To get what you [I] want, sacrifices must be made~

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