~Kalo Aja....Le sigh~

- Kalo aja liburan bisa ditambah 1 minggu lagi...
- Kalo aja I didn't make that careless mistake...
- Kalo aja I do what I didn't do...
- En say what I didn't say...

Le sigh...........~
Gue bener2 pengen berangkaaaaat... Preferably Melbourne though.
Life wouldn't be any better than this. But, I would be more content. No?


- dan kalo aja mereka ada di sini...

~Lucy In The Sky With Diamond~

p.s = gue bosen.banget! en yes, gue pengen banget jalan2. Tapi bukan brarti pengen ikut takbiran lho, "donk2"! Hahahaha

~Got A Secret~

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave

Cause two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead

*edited by Angie*

Why do I feel that I don't belong here?

- family, great friends
- lotsa fun, less stress
I have 'em all


I need to pack some of my belongings, take a flight
and off I go.

... anywhere will do..

Why do you smile
Like you've been told a secret
Now you're telling lies
Cause you have sworn to keep it
But no one keeps a secret
No one keeps a secret

~Coz Everybody Tells~

~Rasanya Seperti Pengen Ngomong, "Mati Dulu Ah..!"

Another post bout assignments assignments en assignments!
Oh God...I swear I won't mention anything bout assignments ANYMORE.. (damn it)(for next week only)(coz I gonna have hols, yey!)(damn it)

I have like 3 more assignments need to be hand in by Friday, it means 2 more days OhGodDamnIt! *sigh*
En itu banyak sekaliii okaaay?????!!! Mengingat smua assignmentnya dalam bentuk laporan/makalah/oh whicever name u prefer to call that damn things...
Whoever told me that Ciputra is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy can go and die now.

Like 2 days ago, I woke up and wished that I could stop all this. Rewind back the time to where gue masi nyantai2...(damn it)(I told u I gonna miss those days!)(damn it)

Sekarang waktu lg ngerjain tugas *please pura2 aja lo ga tau kalo gue skarang lg blogging*, di luar sana ada suara fireworks..perhaps somewhere out there some people are enjoying their time to the fullest while here I am..stuck with assignments *how sad?!*
It makes me miss Melbourne even more *now am being so emo..waduh*.

Why I need to do all these? Why I can't be back to where I was before? I HATE DOING THESE ASSIGNMENTS AS MUCH AS I LOVE MY NEW CAMPUS... (damn it)(now u know just how much i lve my campus)(damn it). Duuuuh... I wanna watch Gossip Girl! I wanna go to the mall and catch a movie! or maybe a slice of cake will do...! Or maybe just lying on my bed and reread Harry Potter all over again... EVERYTHING BUT THIS!

---------------------------------------(I NEED)T.O.S.T.O.P-----------------------------------

oK..me need to stop whinning.. I am not a crybaby and will never be one (damn it)(hopefully)(damn it). Time to continue my assignments *oh how i hate that word* and start another countdown to this coming Friday =)

In the meanwhile, here's my prettiest picture EVER!
enjoy ^^









*me wearing the long cream in colour cardigan*

So pretty coz u can't see my face.

Bye for now.... whoever you may be. Hope your day's nicer than mine, though (damn it)(wah, I can be so nice)(damn it)

~To the right and to the left. I'm stuck in the middle~

~UTS Di Depan Sana~

UTS is around the corner. Eh, even closer than that! 2 hari lagi (damn it)(oh i'm doing it again)(damn it) en sepertinya, cara bagus untuk menyambut UTS adalah dengan =

- sialan sekali bukan?! Sekarang bawaannya jadi triple males, badan rasanya lemes en pengen tidur mulu.. padahal tugas yang harus diselesai'in buat UTS *iya,utsnya ada yg take home exam* cukup banyak.. mo mati rasanya (-____-)

2. KONSENTRASI YANG HARUS DIBAGI DENGAN HAL LAEN (sialnya, hal ini ga kalah penting.. or so they said)
- gue ga abis pikir.. what those teachers have in mind?! Entrepreneurial Project 1. Mata kuliah yg satu ini udah cukup, well, menyusahkan. Apalagi kalo kita disuruh ngurusin tugas ini BEFORE en DURING en AFTER UTS!!! Nyari vendor makanan, di mall yg udah terkenal sepi (damn it)(banget)(damn it) dengan harga stand yg ga murah... ITU GA GAMPANG! En nyuruh kita ngomong ke pemilik toko makanan kalo orang2 yg dateng bakal ampe 1000 or okay 2000.. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING???????????????????? As if orang2 ga tau situasi mall itu? EN AS IF ORG2 GA ADA YG TAU TTG EVENT TAON LALU! I don't hate this subject. I was ok with that. But, nyuruh kita sibuk KE SANA KE MARI nyari vendor,etc waktu lg UTS...isn't it a bit (damn it)(a bit??!! IT'S WAY!!)(damn it) too much?! Kenapa bukan waktu acaranya aja yg dari awal diada'in lebih lama...hmm, let say tanggal 20an October gitu?? It's not like we gonna finish our first semester by the end of October anyway. *well, gue masi SINCERELY ngarepin event ini bakal sukses in the end..en ngarepin yg dateng bakal bener2 1000 ampe 2000 orang*

- So, I bought Gossip Girl a few days back and watched it this evening. I lurve it! Gossip Girl is super duper good. Ya Tuhaaaaan...bagus banget nich movie series. Unlike others who love Nate, I prefer Chuck... keren banget dia keren banget asli keren banget.

*how many wood could a woodCHUCK CHUCK if a woodCHUCK could CHUCK wood?*

I like Blair as well. I kinda understand her attitude towards Serena on the first few episodes. Siapa coba yg ga bete kalo your own bestfriend slept with YOUR VERY OWN boyfriend?! Tapi, gue jg suka ama Nate en Serena en Dan and and and semuanyalah.... this show is good.

*if you want to be part of this world, people will talk eventually and you need to decide if all this is worth it*

Have u ever heard about 'the right thing at the wrong time' is the wrong thing? This is one of it. Gue mau UTS en bukannya belajar, malah pengen nonton ini.. *Oh tidak*

Tiga hal di atas, udah cukup jadi "gangguan"...haiz.

O yach, mei...do u know that genit and kalem is actually two different thing? *i read your blog..lol*
En lembeng sudah jelas bukan kata laen dari kalem... Frankly speaking, benernya gue slightly offended waktu beberapa hari yg lalu lo bilang gue lembeng (damn it)(OMG)(damn it)
Not that gue ngerasa lembeng makanya rada tersinggung...tapi, i dislike cewe2 lembeng, and how could u nyamain gue dengan mereka??? (-____________-) *big swt face*
Untung you are cute and baek and enak diajak temenan... so i still sayank u..hahaha *sounds so lesbong..duh*

Udah ah, it's 1:37 AM rite now and I need to go back to my tugas gila...

ps.donk2 = lose 3 kg/month, how hard could it be? Prepare 10 Cadburry by the end of this year. Jangan lupa yach..el o el.

~Why Waste Precious Time Dreaming When Waking Time Is So Much Better?~

~So Stiff~

These few days, gue ngerasa so lucky masuk ke UC... almost all the people i met there are so SO FRIENDLY! So many kind-hearted people there..me loving it.Gue jg suka ama guru2nya..pada baek2 smua... But, Pak Aruli minggu depan udah mau pindah ke Berlin en Pak Wirawan kabarnya ntar lagi bakal ga ngajar kelas economics for business gue lagi.. DUH (T.T)

Ga kerasa, bentar lagi udah UTS...hmmm.

Anyway, akhirnya hari ini gue joined UKM jugaa...after half-semester has gone! Better late than never. Barusan ikut UKM dance. and omg I am so STIFF!! (gpp)(damn it)(demi kurus)(damn it)(demi credit points)(damn it).Trus, Sabtu ini rencananya mau ikut UKM Photography (damn it)(bangun pagi di hari Sabtu)(damn it).

O yach, hari ini nyokap ke Makasar en bokap ke Banjarmasin. Di rumah tinggal gue, dd, mbak Erna en Poppy. No clue kapan mereka balik. Sepi juga.

Finally, I am getting bored with those brackets-with-cursing-in-between already. Jadi, mungkin ini the last day gue bakal type kaya gitu. MUNGKIN LHO YACH!


~As What I Said~

So, I managed to finish all my assignments.. days before it needs to be hand in. All but one!
(hello, here I am again)(damn it)(talking in brackets)(damn it)(complete with the cursing)(damn it)(hahahahha).


oH My GoD! *I used to wonder why there are some people who love to write LikE tHiS..Apa MerEkA gA saKiT MatA? buAt ACT CUTE kaH? kaLo gA BuAT ACT CUTE trUs bUaT aPa?!*
(or maybe they did it for no reason)(damn it)(just like me and my brackets)(damn it)

Sisa satu tugas lagi yang harus dikumpulin BESOK!
Harus buat laporan sepanjang 7 lembar... lengkap dengan kata pengantar en kesimpulan, juga yang laen2 selayaknya sebuah makalah wahai orang - orang terpelajar di luaran sana *cuih*

Gagal sudah harapan gue buat bersenang2 untuk bersantai2 waktu yang laen lagi berlelah2 *ada yach kata kaya gini?* ngerjain tugas.

inget ini?
"1. Tugasnya banyak! En kalo gue baru ngerjain 1 malem sebelumnya, gue bakal ngerasa diburu-buru ama waktu. HELL IT SURE WILL RUIN MY MOOD! En gue bakal double bete daripada kalo gue harus ngerjain beberapa hari sebelumnya."

Iyaaa!!! Itu kalimat gue di entry sebelum ini!
En skarang gue bener2 double bete u knoooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOW!

I really need a medium to throw my bete-ness!!!

Gue baru dapet datanya hari ini. Harusnya sich kemaren udah dikirim ama Feli *bukan, bukan gue.. I didn't send email to myself. She is my classmate.namanya doank yang sama*. Tapi ga tau napa, gue ga dapet tuch data! Truuus, karena kmaren gue juga udah ngantuk banget..akhirnya gue mutusin untuk tidur dari jam 21.30 ampe jam 9.30 besok paginya. Itu juga sempet tidur lagi ampe jam 10.30an. Manteb. Kemarin I sudah pasrah U know!!!

(i haven't finished laporannya)(damn it!!!!!)(and here I am)(damn it)(BLOGGING)(damn it damn it) *yeah, double cursing in one bracket..wohoooo*

~For my dear Mei, dont u forget to check siapa yg bakal gue pasang di friendster featured friend gue next week.. I'll featured my boy di sana.. oups, i mean YOURS..hahaha~

ps.hachi2 here WE come

~Akibat Pergaulan Bebas (ama tugas)~

Sumpah dech gue lg bosen banget sekarang.

If you think the sentence above is me complaining. You can't be more wrong! Mistaken. Salah. Incorrect. Bu due. blablabla.. Gue lg bersyukur! Iyesh, bersyukur u know... *duh*
Di bawah tekanan banyaknya tugas2 yg buat gue tambah kuat (what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. geddit? geddit? damnit!) (i love talking in brackets, remember?)(damn it), akhirnya sekarang gue bisa ngerasa BOSEN..as in bosen karna I have NOTHING to do.

N.O.T.H.I.N.G! *this is what we call delusion. I AM deluding myself at this very moment*

Ok, tugas yg gue selesai'in baru...hmmmm, let see =
- ngarang 4 halaman folio gara2 kmaren telat.
- nyari vendor makanan yg mau sewa stand di acara bazaar kampus.
- buat laporan tentang hasil observasi di GoCi.

Tugas yg masi harus dikerjain =
- laporan akhir tentang calon suppliers untuk tugas jualan Entrepreneurship 1.
- tugas Entrepreneurship 1 yg bahannya bisa diliat di UCShare en harus jwb pertanyaan2 yg ada di sana.
- buat laporan (makalah) tentang Mr.Liong.

3 assignments di atas, semuanya ga gue kerjain skarang karna gue GA ADA DATANYA! (sekali lagi ah)(damn it)(ok puas)(damn it). U know why? Y? WUAI???? lemme tell u some shitty excuses.. Hmmm, i changed my mind! They are NOT excuses coz they are true! Should call them REASONS... So, lemme tell u some shitty reasons =

- gue ga ke THR buat observasi lagi. I went there once before, jadi waktu disuru ke sana lagi..gue mutusin buat minta data dari Edbert aja. Since he said that he has so many datas dr THR. Malem ini datanya baru mau dikirim *everybody says amen*
- semua/kebanyakkan bahan2 dari mata kuliah dimasukkin ke website "ucshare". Mestinya website ini bisa diakses dr rumah kan? Iya, harusnya begitu. Tapi kampus tercinta gue (Needed to say, gue bener2 cinta kampus gue...titik) mutusin kalo untuk sekarang, websitenya cuma bs diakses dr wilayah kampus. HELL! Sebisa mungkin gue ga mau bawa barang kebanyakkan di tas, BERAT! Apalagi kl gue mesti bawa laptop...sinting.
- data ttg Mr.Liong ini lho yg bikin bete! Waktu dia lg jd pembicara di kelas, he told us NOT to jot down anything from the projector and listen to him talking..and said that we could get the datas afterwards! So, I stop frantically jotted down anything showed in the projector. In the end, dosen in charge bilang it's unfair kalo org2 yg drtd ngomong aja dapet data yg sama ama anak2 yg daritadi ngedengerin. Trus dia ga mau ngasi datanya (SWT BETUL U KNOW!). Untung aja ada beberapa mahasiswa yg sempet dapet..

Malem ini. Iya, malem ini. Gue bakal dapat paling ga 1 data buat kerja 1 tugas lagi. Gue masi semales dulu. Yg jadi motivasi gue untuk kerja tugas secepatnya tu =
1. Tugasnya banyak! En kalo gue baru ngerjain 1 malem sebelumnya, gue bakal ngerasa diburu-buru ama waktu. HELL IT SURE WILL RUIN MY MOOD! En gue bakal double bete daripada kalo gue harus ngerjain beberapa hari sebelumnya.
2. Motivasi gue waktu ngerjain tugas, ga lain ga bukan adalah biar gue bisa cepetan santai - santai tanpa beban pikiran *tsah, bahasa gue bo!*
3. Supaya gue bisa laugh at others yg lagi susah. It feels good to send a message to someone yg lagi ngerjain tugas ampe subuh, padahal besoknya harus bangun pagi..di mana gue sendiri lagi santai2 karna udah selesai ngerjain tugas yg sama..mwahahahahahaha *I'm so going to hell*

------ The End Tentang Tugas (ok)(damn it)--------

(i'll keep on talking in brackets)(damn it)(insert the exact same cursing)(damn it)(and this will go on)(damn it)(for as long as God knows when)(damn it)(just because i like it this way).

~To Win Some Or Learn Some~

~Sick Obsession~

I shall let the pictures do the talking.. *and tentu saja gue bakal ngomong2 sendiri abis itu*


*his real name is matsuyama kenichi.but I only adore his role in Death Note. Call him L instead*

I love the Death Note series and have a huge crush on L since then. I watched the 3rd movie, and why oh why L's dead?! *sob my heart out*

Never mind, gue bisa nonton ulang lagi en lagi persis seperti gue ngebaca ulang Harry Potter series...

On a harder note, gue kira minggu depan bakal lebi santai dr minggu ini. I was really looking forward to next week damn it! Ampe gue tau kalo =

Saturday (tomorrow) = kirim email hasil wawancara nyari vendor (min.1) ke Pak Wirawan paling lambat jam 3 siang.
Monday (next week) = harus ngumpulin laporan ttg observasi anak2 semester 3 yg buka stand di GoCi.
Wednesday (next week) = ada tugas Entrepreneurship 1 yg datanya harus diambil dr UC share + ngumpulin laporan observasi akhir.
Friday (next week) = ngumpulin laporan (makalah) tentang Mr.Liong, yg tadi jadi pembicara di kelas Business Inspiring + ngumpulin paper karena tadi gue telat *again*

mau GILA rasanya!

cuaca panas + banyak tugas = CHOCOLATE IS STRONGLY NEEDED!

Yach, paling ngga besok udah weekend.. Mari teman2 kita jalan, nonton en ngafe seperti biasanya.. biar ga tamba cepet panas nich kepala!

(damn it)(please excuse my cursing)(damn it)(i love talking in brackets)(damn it).

~Cowo yg gampang GR = Seriously, menjijikkan sekali...~