~"For Anything Worth Having, One Must Pay The Price"~

Akhir - akhir ini gue jarang banget bisa ngasi update di blog... These few days, I am so busy...waaaaay too busy with my own things *ya iya lhaa....as if I care about yours..doh*.

1. I start my days with waking up LATE.. . I have some kind of insomnia u know. Gue ga bisa tidur di bawah jam 12. Biasanya di jam segitu, gue masi nonton TV, DVD, atau baca majalah/buku. Karena tidur jam segitu, gue jadi kebiasa bangun siang. Saat - saat gue bangun pagi tuch contohnya bangun jam 10 pagi (kalo hari itu ada janji ngegym), atau jam 7 pagi (kalo hari itu ada rapat ospek).

2. Go to gym 4 times a week. Fyi *waah..udah lama ga ber'fyi'..hehe*, I hired a Personal Trainer and it's not cheap *emang sich jauuuuuuh lebi murah dibanding PT2nya Celebrity Fitness, tapi tetep aja...mahal bo*. En, no matter what, gue mesti ngegym 4 kali dalem seminggu. Ga ada tuch yang namanya "Sorry, minggu ini gue cuma bisa dateng 3 kali. Ntar sesi yang ini diganti minggu depan aja gimana?". NAH...NO SUCH THING! Intinya, gue bayar dia untuk 4 kali seminggu, selama sebulan. But, the fact that I am NOT complaining, berarti gue setuju ama caranya dia. Bayangin aja kalo dia bisa dicancel seenaknya, jangan - jangan gue cuma olah raga 2 kali seminggu..hehe. [lagian kan sayang tuch kalo dah abis banyak $$ , tapi ga ada hasilnya]

3. Sejak gue mulai pake personal trainer, gue bener - bener jaga makan.Minggu lalu aja, gue cuma makan nasi 1 kali. Itu juga gara - gara Sabtu kemaren diajak ortu makan Yakiniku di Sutos. Sekarang, gue tiap hari makan sayur ama buah. The best thing is, gue udah bisa untuk ga ngemil lagi. No cakes, no Oreo, no ice cream, no fried foods...and the list goes on. If you are wondering *which you are not* whether it's hard... "YES DEAR! IT'S DAMN HARD! ESPECIALLY FOR THE FIRST FEW DAYS! Kalo sekarang, mungkin karena udah agak terbiasa, jadi ga susah - susah amet =) Emang sich, kadang - kadang temptation untuk makan tuch gede BANGET... Tapi yach mo gimana lagi. *note = this diet won't go on f.o.r.e.v.e.r.! Once I achieved my target weight.. gue bakal makan dengan normal*

*I love this show!!!! because I, myself, am fat.damnit*

4. Pernah denger reality show The Biggest Loser? Kalo belum tau, coba cari aja di Google. That's my biggest motivation ever! It's simply the best reality show I've ever seen *second is Fear Factor and the third one is American/Australian/Britain's Next Top Model*. Di acara ini, 50 people (yg gendut abis!!) representing 50 states (USA of course). Dari 50 orang itu, bakal dipilih 14 contestants yang dibagi dalam 2 team. Then, they have to stay at the Biggest Loser Ranch. There, they have to workout, watch what they eat, and so on. These are their trainers at the ranch =

*being a very normal girl, I love Bob Harper. Just so you know, he's more good looking if you watch him on the show than in this picture*

The three remaining contestants will be then send home to continue whatever they've learned at the ranch for the next 3 months. Abis 3 bulan, semua bakal dipanggil balik en siapa yang beratnya berhasil turun paling banyak...bakal dapet $250.000 (itu 2.5 MILLIAR RUPIAH LHOOOOOOO!!!). This is Matt Hover, the winner from Season 2 =

*he lost 157 pounds on the show. It equals to 71 kg!*

Watch that show people! Watch! Watch! It's on Hallmark Channel, everyday *except Saturday and Sunday*, at 2 pm and 6 pm (Waktu Indonesia Barat). Satu lagi, gue sering banget nangis tiap kali nonton acara ini... I don't know if it's because my heart becomes softer without me realizing it or because I'm so fat I could relate myself with their (fat) problems. But, every time I saw one of the contestants cried (tears of happiness) after she/he lost quite a lot of weight or when they finally could, somehow, get in touch with their family members, or when someone was voted out, or when they successed to finish a challenge after they tried so DAMN HARD I COULD DIE IF I HAVE TO DO IT MYSELF = I cried. They were so touching u know!!!!!! T_______T Go and watch it!!!!


From now onwards, I'll try to blog at least twice a week with more personal stories like how I spent -/+ 3 hours at the police office, and also more of I-can-be-the-next-Narcissus photos. Dalam waktu dekat, gue ga bakal ngepost tentang losing-weight-related-thingy lagi or else I could be a serial killer as some of you bisa mati bosan ngebaca blog gue =)

~Once again, I love "THE BIGGEST LOSER" show!!!!!!~

~Good Nite Dears~

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