~The One With Pandora's Box~

Peeping into someone else's privacy [including mails, text messages, letters, social networking website.. Let alone, diaries] is like opening a Pandora's box, unleashing all those terrible things you never knew that person has. [for me, it's a thing..without 'S' which means singular at the moment]

Such a busybody, I trapped my own self into this awful situation where I should act as if nothing's bothering me. Imagine after today I have to fake smiles every single time I see that person I might as well plastered a smiley emoticon on my face.

They say, Let bygone be bygone.
So, why can't I?!

Well, thank God for next Thursday. I'll be going to Makasar for a few weeks and free my mind for a while.

~MOODY! Boo Hoo To Me~

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