~Welcoming Two Thousand And Ten~

[supposed to post this up on 2nd of January but I don't have time.. was too busy playing farmville and hanging out with si pacar every-single-day]

I re-read my 2009 resolutions only to realized that I failed most of them..damn it.

I didn't travel to a new city, not even in my own country. I went to Makassar for my new year holiday and so what? That's my 27363443rd times visiting Makassar anyway *sounds so ungrateful wth*

I didn't spend my money wisely enough last year for I tried to enhance my appearance [which also failed..wth] by buying new make up stuffs + a couple of shoes + new dresses, etc. I even bought a new dog last year. So much for spending wisely.

Though I exercised regularly till mid of 2009 and actually lost 7 kg, I gained my weight back somewhere around September. When Muslims started fasting, I started eating like there's no tomorrow (-.-!)

I didn't manage to get a part-time job. I joined Ray White company [a real estate agent] and not even a month I started working, I quit. Anyway, the salary here is not good enough I better used my free time to sleep or watching more dramas or hang out with friends or browsing the internet.

I missed church almost ever single Sunday..wth. There's a point in my life during 2009 when I secretly questioning my beliefs [religion to be precise]. As long as I can remember, my life in 2009 was pretty smooth. I got almost everything I wanted. My parents just bought me a Blackberry, I got myself a new dog, have a boyfriend, school has been quite fun..and yet, here I am, driving myself further and further away from Him. At nights I prayed for Him to pull me closer, strengthen my faith and tighten our relationship just like before.

Anyway, beside those failure, there are certain things I successfully achieved in 2009 as well. I don't get tan, I wear more girly clothes a.k.a dresses, got myself a boyfriend to spend events/holidays with and I think positively [not much negative thinking anymore..mwahaha]. Eh? Wth! Only three not-really-useful things I achieved last year.....duh -__________- [three, not four, cause getting a boyfriend counted as useful..wth]
After all, 2009 was not bad at all..though it's not THAT good.

Here are my 2010 RESOLUTIONS

1. Exercise 3 times a week.
2. Drink more water.

3. Learn Mandarin
[take a tuition].
[I don't need, I don't buy].
5. SAVE MORE $$$$
[am a super stingy person this year]
6. Go to China for the whole December '10
[haven't decided which part of China I wanna go yet].
7. Go to church at least twice a week
8. Be more patient & understanding

[no junk food, eat rice only once a week]
10. Less cynical
11. Treat people like how I wanna be treated [finally..ahahaha]

~Believe that life is worth living and your believe will help create the fact~

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Meiii mengatakan...

cieeeee. hahaaa :P

vanessa chua mengatakan...

Ga usa brubah say. Being cynic can be useful too at times. So u don't get fooled easily. Also, we click because we are both cynic.hahhaha