~You're My Honeybunch~

(3 February 2010, Wednesday)

He reached my house around 6 o'clock that night. I opened the main door for him and the second thing he said to me was, "Ini buat kamu" *sambil ngasi tas kecil warna biru muda*

[the very first sentence came out from his mouth once he saw me = "Tunggu tunggu! Kita di rumahmu dulu... Di luar masi banjir".
(-______________-!) Yeah, rencananya tadi malem kita mau makan ayam bakar di wiyung terus jalan - jalan ke PTC. Tapi waktu itu lagi ujan deras en di mana - mana banjir. Namanya juga Surabaya..lol. Eh, I'm not complaining though. I prefer rainy season than drought]

*and this is the baby blue bag I've mentioned above*

I was, of course, surprised AND happy. But, let me tell you the truth. Though I was happy and all, actually the first thing on my mind was this "Please don't tell me this is an early Valentine present! Not an early monthly-anniversary-present either! I don't want an early present T.T If this is a Val day present then it supposed to be given on Valentine day itself! 14 feb! Not earlier or later!". *doesn't mean I'm not being grateful or what..okok? huhuuu*

I think I was just afraid if he give it to me now then on 14 feb I won't get anything, which means on the real Valentine day, I actually got nothing. Well, I mean I'd got a/n [advanced] Valentine gift but still, FACT HAS IT that on 14 February my boyfriend give me nothing. No chocolate, no flower, only a simple nothing. Perhaps, this is quite important for me because it's our first val day together as a couple.

Note = we did celebrate it together last year...and that's when we were being introduced to each other ^.^

Anyway, back to the topic.. After a few seconds, common sense stroke me [what a words..]. Dia ga bilang kalo ngasi ini buat hadiah valentine. Dia ga bilang apa - apa, en artinya dia cuma mau ngasih doank..hehe *mulai tenang dan senang*

Di sini gue mulai penasaran kira - kira isinya apa. I asked him what was inside and he told me to open it up. Hmm, what if whatever inside doesn't excite me, and there he is! Standing right in front of me watching my 'oh, okay'-face??? Then, I took a seat on one of the chairs in the living room. Lucky me, he went to the toilet to change his working shirt to a casual T-shirt. I opened the pressie and BENER - BENER SENENG WAKTU NGELIAT INI ^_________________^

*big smiley face God I'm so happy*

I love cupcakes! I think Melda and Meimutz know how I love looking at those cute CUTE cakes! When I'm typing this, I already ate the purple one.. yang terbalik itu lho, di atasnya ada icing bentuk bebek. Rasanya jauh lebih enak daripada yang dijual di PTC *puji Tuhan*

*dan gue bukan baru ngelahirin anak cowo*

Nich, close up for the oh-so-cute baby boy ^^

*the whole cupcakes*

Let me say this again, I LOVEEEE cute CUPCAKES! one out of a few things I love love love~

*the one who brighten my [already bright] day..*kiss*

The story behind the pic above = Waktu itu uda lewat jam 11 malem, gue lagi nonton Take A Celebrity Out sambil duduk nyenderan ke dia. Pengen nyemil, gue jadi ngebayangin makan tuch cupcake en gue baru nyadar kalo gue belum take a pic of him and the cupcakes. Akhirnya gue ngebujuk dia supaya mau difoto di ruang makan aja.. Secara di sana lebih terang. Gue juga ngotot manggil dd gue turun ke bawah en help us take a picture. Padahal si pacar maunya kita foto sendiri aja...biar ga ngerepotin si dd. But, I want to take a picture of us, as nice as possible because I NEED it and the time I have is running low..

*ehem* Gue lagi nyiapin something buat dia =)
Hope he'll love it...

~I Am Blessed~

3 komentar:

vanessa chua mengatakan...

ahhh so sweett...jd nyirikkk..

meimutz mengatakan...

NYIAPIN APA HAYOOOO. hahahaa. cowo gw g mau bilang apa2 abt v'day! ntar ujung2 pasti gw yg bawa dia somewhere hahaa.
gw ol pagi ampe sore di kantor. at home wifi gw rosak zzz

Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...

van = gue juga sirik lo di europe..lol

meimutz = nyiapin kado buat 2 bulanan koq... buat v'day gue jg ga tau mo ngasi apa..haiz. Baru planning dinnernya doank nich.. Emang lo mau bawa si yayank ke mana meimutz? Bawa ke indo aja yuuk =p