~You And I~

As time goes by, aku mulai bisa percaya ama kamu..
It's a good thing, isn't it?
(Lagian ngapain jg dulu km start dgn cara yg nyebelin gt sich?! /swt)

I would like to know...where time will bring us and what will become of us?
Will either one of us find someone new? *as if it can be that easy.. Well, who knows..right?*

Looking back from now...sebagai teman, we were EXTREMELY GOOD towards each other..don't u think so??? LOL *geez..who am I kidding*

Just so you know, sometimes the things I say (and have said) are 180 degrees different from what I truly feel. Comes 2 possible reasons =
1. Maybe because I'm way too SHY *huek(muntah)* to actually tell you the truth..
2. My feeling/way of thinking simply changed abis aku uda terlanjur ngomong/jawab something..
Most of the time it's the first one.

Satu lagi, harap maklum kalo aku masi gengsian ama kamu. I know I won't choked to death swallowing my pride... But, I need time. En di posisi sekarang, I think I shall fully keep that "pride" with me.. This is not the time to get rid of it yet.. Hope you get what I mean.

So all in all, gimanapun endingnya nanti, I wanna say thank you for coloring my days at the moment =)
C u when I c u pinky pig...

Hi5 Emoticon

~The Pig Sure Looks Familiar..ya kan? iiihh...hahaha~

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