~Why I Think We Are So Uncertain~

Aku ngerasa semua antara kamu en aku tuch masi ga pasti..because everything could happen (be it good or bad) during this time period.

It's not that I have a doubt about "us" (lo en gue), but I believe neither of us could predict about the future. I do hope for the best... Still, sometimes things don't go the way we want to.

Remember last night during our phone conversation, there was a part when I released my anger from my parents who don't allow me to go rafting because they think that that's too DANGEROUS for me (maybe I'm still a baby in their eyes..geez) and they gave all bad possibilities that could happen to me which, in my opinion, all of them were pretty nonsense. Aku tau semua alasan2nya emang masuk akal...tapi kemungkinan buat terjadi seperti itu kan keciiil...

And you said,"....shit happens...".

So how if shit chooses to happen during this time period?

Just like this one..
Last night when you told one of our friends that you and I "gt2 aja" (biasa2 aja). I'm not angry, but upset. I have no idea why I felt what I felt. The only thing I knew was if I pick up your calls, I'm helluva afraid things would only get worse. I decided to go to sleep *thank you sleeping pill*..was hoping I will feel better the next day..

I woke up this morning and slightly feel better. Checking my mobile phone, there was no messages..no calls. Later on, I received a few messages..but none of them was from you *sebel!*
Me being me, gue jd negative thinking lg... from the simplest one "jgn2 skarang dia yg bete?", ampe yg "jgn2 dia dah fed up ma gue en mau let this go gt aja?!"

The only positive thinking I have is "dia masi tidur".
So later on, you better tell me that you are asleep just now!!!! Busy is an unacceptable reason!*uh*

Uncertainty. You got the hint..

FYI, someone suggested me to give you a call.. But, jangankan telpon, untuk sms duluan aja td aku mikirnya lama bangeeeet! In the end, I did message you first...and you haven't replied until now.GOOD! *clap clap clap*

~"I MISS YOU" is eight letters long..but then again, so is "BULLSHIT"~
*the words above isn't for you..I just think they're kinda cute*

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