~Rasanya Seperti Pengen Ngomong, "Mati Dulu Ah..!"

Another post bout assignments assignments en assignments!
Oh God...I swear I won't mention anything bout assignments ANYMORE.. (damn it)(for next week only)(coz I gonna have hols, yey!)(damn it)

I have like 3 more assignments need to be hand in by Friday, it means 2 more days OhGodDamnIt! *sigh*
En itu banyak sekaliii okaaay?????!!! Mengingat smua assignmentnya dalam bentuk laporan/makalah/oh whicever name u prefer to call that damn things...
Whoever told me that Ciputra is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy can go and die now.

Like 2 days ago, I woke up and wished that I could stop all this. Rewind back the time to where gue masi nyantai2...(damn it)(I told u I gonna miss those days!)(damn it)

Sekarang waktu lg ngerjain tugas *please pura2 aja lo ga tau kalo gue skarang lg blogging*, di luar sana ada suara fireworks..perhaps somewhere out there some people are enjoying their time to the fullest while here I am..stuck with assignments *how sad?!*
It makes me miss Melbourne even more *now am being so emo..waduh*.

Why I need to do all these? Why I can't be back to where I was before? I HATE DOING THESE ASSIGNMENTS AS MUCH AS I LOVE MY NEW CAMPUS... (damn it)(now u know just how much i lve my campus)(damn it). Duuuuh... I wanna watch Gossip Girl! I wanna go to the mall and catch a movie! or maybe a slice of cake will do...! Or maybe just lying on my bed and reread Harry Potter all over again... EVERYTHING BUT THIS!

---------------------------------------(I NEED)T.O.S.T.O.P-----------------------------------

oK..me need to stop whinning.. I am not a crybaby and will never be one (damn it)(hopefully)(damn it). Time to continue my assignments *oh how i hate that word* and start another countdown to this coming Friday =)

In the meanwhile, here's my prettiest picture EVER!
enjoy ^^









*me wearing the long cream in colour cardigan*

So pretty coz u can't see my face.

Bye for now.... whoever you may be. Hope your day's nicer than mine, though (damn it)(wah, I can be so nice)(damn it)

~To the right and to the left. I'm stuck in the middle~

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angie dan blog nyaaa mengatakan...

the camera couldn't recognized it.....

u're wayy too "pretty"....

Meiii mengatakan...

kapan nih fotonya. KOQ AQ GA DIAJAK

Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...

waktu nunggu UTS GE..sapa suru km pegi makan..huh. Aq masi punya banyak lhoo =p

Angie = i know ngie (-_____-)