~My New Found Love~

A Short Introduction :


Hello world, I've found my new love which turns out to be a male puppy [not female like what i thought before].

I bought love, loyalty, a single trusting heart [of course I copied it from somewhere..damn it] and brought him home on Wednesday, 10 November 2009. According to the seller, he was born on 30th of August, makes him 2 months and 13 days old by the time I wrote this post up.

As you could see from my previous posts, I only prepared one name when I decided to search for a new puppy. I was so sure that I would buy a female one and did not prepare for a male puppy's name. Ok, it's not really my fault because at first I only wanted a female puppy. But, he is too cute. No?

Bear, Honey, Beamer, Vincent [I seriously got scolded for using my brother's name for a dog = not respecting him..damn it] are a few names I wanna called him with. I was too confused and asked my papi to decide. So, he calls him BEAN from Mr. Bean (-.-!)

~And BEAN Is His Name-O~

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