~Hello.. Uni Days~


Besok kuliah lagi. Feeling weird these days knowing I don't need to fly outta this country anymore to start my studies. No more packing and no more going to the airport and kiss my beloved ones good-bye and getting ready for home-sick nites. The sense of independence, it's..urmmm, gone? I don't know if the word "gone" suits best.

Assignments. Presentations. Group works. Projects. I'm soooooooo..(not) looking forward to it. Gonna miss my nganggur-time so very much..huf.

Anyway, been thinking of writing a diary (not a virtual one of course) for a lil while.. Used to write it since I was still in primary 3 or was it primary 4? Couldn't remember exactly..
It's fun to read through them over and over again *did it for so many times*
Perhaps I gonna start another one tomorrow so that I can jot down everything that will happen since my first day of Uni..

Buat reminiscing, rasanya diary lebih cocok. Because kita bisa lebi bebas nulis apa aja yg kita mau, kita pikirin or yg terjadi hari itu..mulai dari hal penting ampe yg paling ga penting sekalipun. En akhir2 ini, gue jadi tamba yakin kalo blog emang lebih cocok buat nulis what we have in mind at that moment.. There is a big obvious difference between a diary and a blog in term of privacy, and it affects my mood.

However, I will not abandoned this blog of mine. Instead, sebisa mungkin gue bakal copy apa yg gue tulis di tuch buku ke sini..dgn editan yg as less as possible. I just need that sense of security while writing which I don't get when writing a blog entry! *DUH..gue masi ga tau gmn caranya buat locked-entry..damnit*

Fyi, I don't check my grammar coz I don't need a grade from you. Get it?

It's 2.32 AM now. Nitey nitey people.

~Nothing but a simple HELLO~

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chocochip mengatakan...

Married aja tuh , nganggur saban hari ......

Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...

old people jgn sotoy xp