~Elixia Navarita~

*di honeymoon dessert*

I'm happy = UAS uda selesai, bought a black top (with mustard-in-color cardigan attached on it) to match with my mustard-in-color heels, karaoke-ing ama Melda en Mei... en akhirnya bisa nonton Twilight jg..kali ini bareng Erik yg lg liburan di sby *congratz yach dah sukses masuk Melb U =) * Last but not least, gue dah sign up di Second Life.. AM HAVING A LOOOOOONG HOLIDAY *not the longest one though*

I'm so emo emooo = I am afraid we can't see each other for a period of time hence we are stranger again. Surprisingly, now I'm so getting used of your game, including your temporary [or soon to be permanent] absence. I hate my hair because now it's too straight and i WILL do something about it no matter what. Gue baru aja makan sebungkus nasi goreng yg dibeli'in dd, padahal skarang uda skitar jam 3.30 A.M en makan jam segini bisa gendut. After installing Second Life, computer gue jadi ngelag.

I'm wondering = Is it okay for us to get close *pdkt/jadian maksudnya* with other guy/girl in order to forget 'bout our ex? Gimana kalo ternyata that "other guy/girl" ternyata jadi demen beneran ama kita while kita masi ga bisa ngelupain si ex? Isn't it better kalo kita ngelupain si ex dulu baru kemudian pdkt/jadian lg begitu ada yg disuka?
Hmmm... tapi, gimana kalo ngelupain si ex ternyata segitu susahnya ampe kehadiran "the other girl/guy" emang bener2 diperlukan? En who knows dgn adanya "the other guy/girl", kita bisa sukses ngelupain si ex?

.NiteyNitey world.

~On And Off Is So You And Me~

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Meiii mengatakan...

i jg uda sign up secondlife! tp g tau gmn cara main...swt

Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...

aq jg ga bs maen gara2 video card drivers...bah