~Here We Go Meimutz~

*Si Poppy*

1. If you married the last person who texted you, what would your last name be?
~ Raharjo..

2. Who was the last person you sent a comment/message?
~ Lucy di friendster...

3. Are you taller than 5'3''?
~ I'm 5'1 for sure..

4. What was the last thing you ate?
~ Gorengan di Bakso Kota...

5. What color is your bedspread?
~ Can't remember... It's baby pink if I'm not mistaken...

6. Are you someone's bestfriend?
~ Ya donk ya donk ya donk..

7. Who was the last person's house you went to besides your own?
~ Kostnya Naomi..

8. Is there something you could have done to make your last relationship work?
~ Tell u what... EVEN if there is something I could have done, I don't think I would do it...

9. Do you like someone right now?
~ Yes..

10. Do you have any bruises?
~ blue black, yes...

11. How long does it take you to get ready to go out?
~ 30 to 45 mins...

12. Have you been outside today?
~ Yup.. blajar nyetir keliling kota, makan di wiyung en ke bakso kota..

13. Last person you hugged?
~ Sepertinya sich mei...

14. What should you be doing right now?

15. Does the last person you held hand with, mean a lot to you?
~ Yes! Meimutz rocks...haha

16. Could you go a day without eating?
~ Bisa... minum aja yg banyaaaaaak.... en yup, I've done that!

17. Who was the last person in your bedroom?
~ Mbak Erna... waktu ngebersihin kamar...

18. Were you happy when you woke up today?
~ Yup... my mood was good =)

19. Are you missing someone?
~ Well, kinda....

20. What is your background music?
~ None...

21. Do you think you'll be in a relationship 3 months from now?
~ Considering that many things can happen even in a day... you will never know =)

22. Do you need to say anything to anyone right now?
~ Yes... I need to say something to someone.. Tapi gue ga mau nulis di sini..hahaha

23. Are you ticklish?
~ IYA!

24. Are you typically a jealous person?
~ Not really...

25. What will you do after the survey?
~ Tidur tidur tidur...

26. Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?
~ Talk to close friends.. or write them down in my diary kalo gue ga mau cerita ama orang..

27. First thing you do in the morning?
~ Cek Hp... liat jam brapa gue bangun..

28. What’s on your bedroom floor right now?
~ Nothing... my room's clean..

29. Was your last kiss a mistake?
~ I don't think it's a mistake...lol

30. Ever talked to someone that was drunk?
~ Hu uh...

31. Did you have a dream last night?
~ Yup... tapi uda lupa...

32. Where were you at 3:02 AM this morning?
~ Di ruma...

33. Do you trust people easily?
~ Yes... one of my weaknesses...huhuuu

34. Are you easily scared by horror movies?
~ Takut sich... but, I enjoy them a lot! hahaha.. Film2 sejenis Saw en Hostel jauuuh lebi nyeremin!

35. Have you ever been in a difficult relationship?
~ Untungnya ngga =)

36. Have you ever punched a tree?
~ Gaa...

37. What were you doing at 9 this morning?
~ Masi tidur...

38. Do you like to argue?
~ Sometimes...

39. Have you ever felt replaced?
~ Hmmm..mungkin yach... or have i? ga tau ah..

40. How’s life?
~ Enjoyable =)


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