~My Own Monster~

Intinya! I'm allergic to exams, especially final, yeah whatever hari pertama exam I got sore throat and after 3 days passed by malah tambah parah! Now I'm down with flu, going to campus like a walking zombie with running nose plus teary eyes. Dengan kondisi badan yg kaya gini I'm in desperate need of sleepS! Never good with numbers *kecuali waktu ngitung duit pribadi wth* and for that I dislike accounting with all my soul ya Tuhan kenapa juga waktu ujian dipotong 1 jam Knp? Knp? I thought it supposed to finish at 11.40! I triple checked it okay?! How come they gave us a helluva UNRELIABLE timetables?! Yeah the dosen did announce jam brapa ujiannya bakal selesai, en hell yeah he did mention that the exam would be finished at 10.40. But Im still damn pissed off coz gue cuma sempet nyelesai'in the first 3 questions and one part of the 4th question while the 5th question is still a TOTAL BLANK *am not the only one yg ga selesai..en buat yg sempet nyelesaiin smua, i salute u!* Another 1 hour could make a difference u noe. Anyway, i wish and i wish hard i wont get a low marks for that paper *C is low, gue ga mau C*

Star light, star bright
the first star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might

have the wish I wish tonight.

1 more paper to finish, 1 more day to get through and I'm done =)


~Now You See It, Now You Don't~

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