~Exercise.. needed or no?~

(blog ini dipersembahkan buat org2 yg bernasib sama seperti gue, having-too-much-fat-in-his/her-body-until-people-wouldn't-be-able-to-

I was wondering whether exercise is needed or not if u really wanna lose weight.. *and i wish it's not needed..haha*

Until I found out from a magazine (Gogirl! tentunya) that one sign of anorexic is "olahraga berlebihan, bahkan pada saat dia udah ga makan berhari2".

Oh great!!! Even if you wanna be an ANOREXIC *yea, if you are really THAT stupid*, exercise is still necessary..!! Sinting!!

And according to this website, http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080315025928AAC1d01,
You can lose weight without exercising, but the result will be damn slow *so slow i might get old before i could reach my target weight*

It happened to me before. Way back when I was still in Melbourne, I went on a diet which my food intake consisted only fruits, water and honey! Not forgetting, chocolates.
The only day I allowed myself to eat a proper food was either Saturday or Sunday (or on those times when I went out with my friends, in order not to look weird, I did order some food. But, those hang out times were usually held on Saturday too..so,it's pretty much the same).
It went for about 1 month, and as long as I could remember, I only lost 2 or 3 KG.. *what the %$#@#*!!!!
After that, I ate normally (but, I still WATCHED what I ate..!). Then, I gained back all those 2 or 3 KG.. Tell you what, I couldn't be more HAPPIER!! *sarcastically!*
You think that's enough and I dumped that idea straight away? Hahahaha.. I DID NOT! In fact, I changed it...I went for drink-only-diet. But, of course I couldn't take it! Not for a long run!

What? You think it was because I included chocolates on my diet plan?? Let see this...

*yeah, exactly the same size with the same amount I used to eat each day during those fruits-only-diet, and I dare you to prove me that those chocolates have calories higher than a bowl/a plate of rice with complete dishes you have 2 times a day on a daily basis!*

O yach, orang anorexia aja GA MAKAN paling dikit 2 bulan lebi baru bisa jd sakit kaya gt.

In conclusion, if you wanna lose weight, exercise is strongly needed (bahkan CELEBRITIES/MODELS aja dapetin body mereka dr hasil exercise). Ga bisa kalo cuma jaga makan doank..kecuali lo uda sampe di berat ideal en cuma mau maintain your current weight *seriously*

It's not easy. But, if it's easy... nobody's gonna be fat though =)

*ps : bersyukur dech org2 yg bs makan banyak tp bodynya tetep bagus! BENER2 BERSYUKUR DECH KALIAN..AHAHAHAHA*

~No Pain, No Gain... You wanna lose weight, tapi ga mau CAPE2 olahraga.. Good luck then~

(good luck for myself too..*sigh*)

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