It's raining cats and dogs today.

The symphony of rain immersed me into a sentimental mood. Waking the melancholic up from my inner-self and letting the sanguine in me go to rest for a little while. *yea, gue melankolis-sanguin. kontras emang.tapi ga penting*

Every time people ask me whether I like to be where I am now, I would definitely say yes. It's so obvious that I have nothing to do here, except having fun. *I consider watching movies, hang out, cafes, relaxing at home whenever I want is FUN. What do you think? Boredom?*

I haven't pursued my study yet and am unemployed at the moment. But, that's okay for me though. I have my family here with me, as well as my friends. Most importantly, I can be with the one whom I adore the most..Poppy. Being able to be with her every single day it's what I've been longing for for the past 5 years.*that's how important she is to me*

However, if there is one thing I never been good in, it's pretending that I don't miss Melbourne. I miss it heaps. But, no. I never miss-it-like-CRAZY. Perhaps, deep inside, I would not allow myself to.

For me, allowing myself missing something very deeply is like letting my heart to be in pain and would not be able to do anything but cry.

The one thing I'm afraid of is separation. Not every separations, only the ones when I would be away from people/some things/places which I heart deeply...be it for a long or short time. And vice versa.. Knowing that I would miss those people, places and everything I used to do for a period of time. It scares me.

For example, if you have a crush on someone, and that particular someone is away from you (perhaps he/she lives in a different island/state) and there is a situation (usually at night) where you suddenly miss him/her SO MUCH. Don't you think it hurts?

Miss does hurt a lot.
Got what I mean?
But still, some times you couldn't help it when that feeling struck you hard.
Feeling is one of the many things you couldn't control.

I miss Melbourne and here are some pictures which I took a few months ago when I was still there =)

Start with some Melbourne-street-musicians *bahasa Indonya PENGAMEN..tp pengamen sana keren bo!*

*If I'm not mistaken, he's a japanese*

*he sings in a robotic-way, match his costume*

*with a black guardian dog*

*how much is that doggie in the window "arf-arf" (dog's barking)*

Yes, the dog can sing along with him =)

These two below are not musician.. But, I seriously have no idea what to call them. I still find them pretty interesting though. Why? Because I couldn't get to see something like these in Indo, God damn it!

*what should I call her/him? (yeah, I forgot this person's gender..shame on me) Melbourne-street-painter?*

*common in Europe. But I only saw her once or twice during my stay in Melb*

*street-chess.. The guy on the right from viewer's side, I like the way he stands...LOL*

Now, places. These are the views that I usually seen on my way to school/work place..and on my way back home.

*chinatown. In every countries I've ever visited, there's always A CHINATOWN*

*the comedy festival was held there*

*I think it's beautiful*

*flower-shop.. the flowers, the lightning and the couple makes me go HALLELUJAH!!!!*

This is the last travel place I went to..

*Mt. Buller*

*cute guys at Mt.Buller.. Hei, I DO miss cute guys too!*

Now, the view outside my bedroom window..

*evening.. the opposite building is Flinders Station*

*at night... there were fireworks playing on Federation Square*

If I ever get the chance to revisit Melbourne, either as a student or a tourist, I would make sure that I get to ride in this horse and carriage, pay a visit to Rialto Tower and Old Melbourne Goal (the old prison).. *Pengeeeen!!! Sigh*

*elegant horses carriage*

Lastly, the most beautiful fireworks I've ever seen. At that time, this stupid blogger didn't know how to maximize her Sony T50 use! So, the pictures turned out blur and hence they don't do justice to the awesome fireworks.


*yellowish-pinkish dots*


*and there she was*

Enough! I still have so many pictures.. But, this post is already a bit too long and the time is a bit too late.

I still miss Melbourne.. But, I feel a lot better. Maybe that's what photos are for. To ease the pain of missing something and so that we could vividly remember the precious memories we have. Reminiscing the past.

~Rain and tears.. does it sound familiar?~

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