~The Forbidden Kingdom~

So happpyyyyyy... !!!
Well, I just got home after watching The Forbidden Kingdom at Surabaya Town Square with my parents and younger brother..
This was the second time I watched this movie.

~one of my favorite movies~

I heart Jackie Chan and I love every single movies where he played a role. The same goes to Jet Li.. Seems like I couldn't get enough of their fights =)
I read it somewhere that this is the first American-made film where Jackie hasn't choreographed himself. Never mind, it still turns out good though.

Basically, the story is about Jason (played by an ang-moh actor, Michael Angarano) who is obsessed with martial arts movies, being beaten up by a bully. This bully has just shot an elderly Chinese man. Jason, holding an ancient Chinese stick, runs and falls down from a roof before he magically transported to an ancient China. He, then, met Lu Yan (Jackie) who told him about the legend of the Monkey King. Apparantely, Monkey King (Jet Li) needs the staff that possesses by Jason in order to get back his power. Jason is schooled in kung-fu by Lu Yan and the Silent Monk (Jet Li). He is also accompanied by the fierce yet lovely Sparrow (Liu Yifei). Afterwards, these four journey to the Temple of the Five Elements.... and you should go and watch the rest of the story yourself.

Regardless many people said that The Forbidden Kingdom is a movie for kids as there are many special effects, magic and time-travel, I still think this movie is perfectly fine. I was not surprised when I found out from a newspaper that this movie lands No.1 at weekend box office with an estimated $20.9 M in ticket sales (gue baca Jawa Pos)

3 reasons why I think this movie is worth my time and money (and worth yours too) =

1. I am a big fan of Jackie Chan

~the drunken immortal~

According to Wikipedia.. Jackie is an actor, action choreographer, film director, producer, martial artist, comedian, screenwriter, singer and stunt performer. Above all, he still looks good in his 54th...what a man =)

. So am I a big fan of Jet Li

~cool Silent Monk~

He is supposedly retired from martial arts epics, but still looks great and has fun with his dual roles. Jet Li was wushu world championship for several times... *again* what a man (^_^)

3. This is the first-ever pairing of martial arts legends JACKIE CHAN and JET LI

~ the monk and the drunken master~

Martial arts legends occupying the same screen, itself, made the money's worth!

Okay, being a normal girl, I love to see a charismatic man whenever I watch a movie. So, two very charismatic men in the same movie never fail to satisfy me..

~both are damn successfull international film stars~

I wanna give them hugs hugs o('-'o)

(note : for those who haven't watched this.. KASIAAAN DECH LOE..ahahaha)

Finally, like what Lu Yan said in the movie.........

~My jar is getting low. I must say goodbye. Bye bye!~

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david santos mengatakan...

Hello, Felicia!
Excellent post.
Thank you.

Anonim mengatakan...

Hi mau maunya peluk peluk org sembarangan hiiiiiiiiii .......

Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...
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Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...

daripada meluk kamu, mending aq meluk jackie atau jet li... dasar OM untung! *jleb jleb ga?* =)

om untung mengatakan...

Ga merasa jleb jleb tuh , sebab ... dari segi umur ak lebi muda lebi fresh .. gt lho beda specknya .. kakek kakek ma pemuda he he he .... , gw baru tau kalo seleranya mbak endang kakek kakek ...... peace.....

om untung mengatakan...
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Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...
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Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...

"dari segi umur ak lebi muda lebi fresh".. berarti harusnya secara fisik lebi keren, lebi cakep, lebi menarik lha istilahnya.. TAPI KNP KM GA KAYA GITU YA OM? waduh, om kalah sama kakek2?

Aq ga bisa SENSOR KOMENMU? tuch komenmu yg itu baruu aja aq DELETE..bisa kan =)

ur mengatakan...

feli curang......... ga fair donk ..... curang curang .....