~What a Damned Day~

Beteeee!!! I would never consider TODAY as one of my "GREAT DAYS"..not even "GOOD DAYS"..

Perhaps one of the worst negative effects of lack-of-sleep is you'll be extra-sensitive! Or is it just me who feel that way?

For some ridiculously unimportant reasons including went back home late, continued by taking a bloody long time for internet surfing plus downloading an equal unimportant movie, followed by some could-be-saved-for-another-time chats with my brother..hence, I didn't sleep the whole night. *Blame me for I was so stupid it even makes a child with autism look smart*

Furthermore, already in a bad mood I was, I accidentally started a conversation about the topic I hate the most. I hate it to the core!

Every single time we brought that topic up, we would end up being fed up with each other *up up up there it goes*
No matter how we try to talk about it, no matter how calm we are at the first place...it'll end up in the same way..a bad one. Especially now, when my mood is swinging to the "bad" side..argh!

Let me choose how I wanna live my life. Let me be the decision maker of my very own life! At the end of the day, I am the one who's living it!

Before you speak out your opinions, please try to put yourself in my shoes. Imagine how you gonna feel if you were me? If you think that you wouldn't like it.. Then, same here! I would not and will never like it either. To cut things short, I will never agree with the 2 opinions of yours. I would say no to changing course, and so is next year thingy. That's it. *I think I've made my point clear*

(note : just now when i felt like crying, gue kebelet pipis.. abis itu pas lg dgn tenangnya pipis di toilet.. I saw that baby lizard jumped from the front-toilet-seat to my shorts! Holy-Mother-Mary...I screamed in horror and called my maid but she never came *lucky she did not come*. Bayangin kl gue ga tau ada anak cecak loncat ke celana en gue langsung make aja tuch celana..aaargh!! Tapi, thanks buat anak cecak yg skarang uda mati dipukul ama pembantu gue.. At least, now I don't feel like crying anymore.. Once again, thanks for your shocking surprised baby lizard...ooooohhhh)

~Geez, I need to sleep~

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