~The Chronicles of Narnia= Prince Caspian~

I watched it today...

*Prince Caspian is my new crush*

and I'm not gonna write a review about it, not even a simple one. What I would like to say is, it's a recommended movie to watch for those who like family movies or fantasy movies (whichever you like to call it). If you are a die hard fan of thriller/horror movies, you are about to waste your money if you ever decided to watch this one (or maybe not, because there are some decapitations and bloodshed which really unexpected by me!). After all, personally I like this one, just as much as I like the other Disney movies.

Anyway, for several reasons, this Narnia (especially the one before it, The Chronicles of Narnia = The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) somehow reminds me of my religion. To be specific, am talking about Catholic. I believe movies have messages *ok! Most of them, not all*, some obvious, others hidden.

~ The Chronicles of Narnia = The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Bagian2 dari film Narnia pertama yg MENURUT GUE related ama Katolik =

1. The White Witch (kalo ga salah inget).
The witch represents satan which uses magic to enslave others. She promises happiness and delightful things. But, those who follow her are miserable. If you still remember, the island is immersed in an eternal winter. *Is not she a perfect resemble for satan?*

2. (of course) Aslan, The Lion
For me, Aslan is a figure for Christ. A lion who is greatly feared by the witch. When he comes to Narnia, things begin to change and spring arrives. The part when he willingly sacrificed himself to be humiliated by letting the witch to cut his mane and stabbed him to death on the stone table in order to replace Edmund the traitor *It strongly reminds me with the part when Christ sacrificed himself to be crucified for the sake to save us (human) from sins!* And do you still remember when Aslan breathed on the statues and they came to life? Because I do *and this time it reminds me when God first created human*

3. Edmund, one of the four British Children
Edmund is offered the prospect of becoming king by the White Witch and she provides him with some Turkish Delight if only he bring some of his siblings to her. To make story short, he was enslaved! He betrayed his siblings! Another scenes is where he informed the witch that Aslan is coming to Narnia. *Does Edmund resemble humankind's fall into sins? Or a figure of Judas Iscariot?*

~The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian~
As for this, since the beginning of the story (Oh well, not really the beginning but still..u know..) Lucy is the only one who has faith in Aslan while the others lost their complete faith in him. That's why, at first, Lucy is the only one who can see Aslan. She follows Aslan's will eventhough it means that she must go against her siblings' will. But, in the end, it's the right thing to do. For my VERY PERSONAL OPINION, perhaps this one is trying to tell you (well, I! GUE!) that you (iya iya iya....GUE!!) should always have faith in Him, although I must go against popular belief and it isn't easy.

~But things never happen the same way twice~

(Just so you know, I'm not one of those fanatic people. But, I hereby proudly admit that I have God)

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