I want to be like other people who says "Thank God it's Friday".

Yeah, today is Friday.. and even a primary school kid knows that after Friday, there will be Saturday, followed by Sunday. It only means one thing. Weekend. Holiday.

Friends gonna go hang out together and couples gonna go dating. I wanna do so! I wanna hang out! I wanna shopping! I wanna catch a movie! *wanna wanna wanna*
Today is the first day of the Surabaya Shopping Festival. 14 shopping centers join the fest and there are around 5000 shops (tenants) give out discount up to 70%. My father just transferred my monthly allowance to my bank account. Now, I wanna do some shopping. Even though I AM NOT A SHOPAHOLIC, I am still a girl (oh, a woman..well, a female for sure) after all.

But here I am, stuck at home. I have sore throat and keep coughing now and then. I'm feeling unwell. Thank you very much.

~No mood..huh~

*UPDATE = Am gonna go out tonite. That's it*

*happy.shopping.bug-eye glasses*

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feli jutek mengatakan...

nasib pengacara .. penganguran banyak acara... he2

Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...

uda baca aja pake kamus. paling sering komen lg.. buset dah

powerpuff_boyz mengatakan...

Woman are hugely materialistic and shop with their emotions(this's my opinion), especially you FEL, right?? hahaha.
woman want, want, want in all ways, and they feel that buying a 'product' will satisfy that want.
When does a woman ever feel the peace of satisfaction.
Never! hohoho..
This is not a condemnation.
It is just a fact. understand??

Speaking as a male, it's difficult to shop for clothes.
I go into most of these stores and all of the new styles are modeled after this whole faggy metro-sexual motif.
I was looking at men's jeans the other day at Guess and for a second, thought I had wandered into the women's section of the store!
Women do shop as a vocation!
Out of every 5 stores, 4 are geared to women and 1 is to men. Even men's stores are now selling women's clothing!!! hahaha..

ini loh hasil dari TOEFL gw yang cuman 100 doank ratenya.. hahaha..

Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...

As I've mentioned before, "I'm not a shopaholic".
What satisfied me the most, in term of shopping, is when I get to buy specific products (it means, when i want clothes i will buy clothes, if i want shoes i will buy shoes) which I want badly with a reasonable price and have good quality. (that's why i love discount).
For your information, shopping is not MY RETAIL THERAPY. So, i don't go shopping to ease my bad mood. In other words, i don't go shopping with emotions =)
In facts, I HATE GOING SHOPPING when i don't know what to buy and buying random products will only make me feel stupid in the end. But, I love window-shopping..hehe

powerpuff_boyz mengatakan...

feli not shopaholic?? feli suka window-shopping doank?? very good galz!! brati lu bukan type cew yang habis2in uang suaminya yah ntar?? hahaha.. i like it.. i'm very like it fel.. jadi jatuh cinta nih gw ama lu.. hahaha..

Felicia Loves Chocolate mengatakan...

1 kata = menjijikkan...
yg pasti gue ga cinta ama lo..ahahaha *harap maklum gue terlalu jujur..dagh!*

powerpuff_boyz mengatakan...

ya udah..
gw ga jadi cinta deh kalo gitu ama lu.. kok susah amat.. hahaha..
heh, koen yoh cintaaa..
mana komen'e dul?? bo'ong dosa jeng.. hohoho..

daaaggghhh.. GBu..